Erica Mason, Curator and Local Philanthropist 

    We live in a world that is in constant need of charity, humanitarianism, and the recognition of the daily struggles of members in our community. We also live in a world that craves culture, art, and knowledge. Miss Erica Mason is living proof that such things not only exist, but they thrive daily, never asking for anything in return.

    It's no wonder this wild woman would find herself renovating this 224 year old historical landmark.  The contributions that have been made both personally, and in association with McHorney's have left a lasting impression in Currituck County. Erica finds herself living among a truly wild range of happy and healthy animals. She is the owner of a dog and equine rescue. But the buck doesn't stop there, among her Funny Farm inhabitants you will find chickens, a pancake loving pig, and a foul mouthed Macaw. Free range chickens greet you upon entry, and familiar faces are in and out of the revolving door that Erica keeps wide open. Her ever evolving benevolence to people in need and starving artists is universally profound. Erica is known as a Platinum Donor for The Animal Lovers Assistance League, and has sponsored half a dozen dog shows. Her pockets are always filled with dog treats, and her kennels with happy dogs that all look to her for their daily care. 

    Though she may jest that it's animals she prefers over people, her donations to the community speak otherwise. Erica's generosity and desire to give everything she has, found her to be the donor towards the burial of local families who could not afford to lay their loved ones to rest. She gave the gift of honor, and of the memorialization of those lost. Our local monster truck wielding Dennis Anderson, puts on an event called Operation Stuff The Bus. Miss Mason didn't sport a Santa hat while shopping for children, but she was in her trusty Converse, loading bikes, toys and clothing into the back of her truck. Countless families awoke to children who were able to still believe in the magic of Christmas due to her significant donation. Known as "Momma E", she has worked with troubled youth and assisted in the rehabilitation of teens who have lost their way. You don't have to be troubled to be on the receiving end of her goodwill. Erica provided meals for the football team, for the whole year, just another gesture to reward them for their hard work. Sizable donations were made to Out Of The Darkness SOS, a support group designed to help family and friends who have lost a loved one to suicide, to cope with the sorrow of their tragedy, and to heal in healthy, life-giving ways.

   McHorney's is simply an extension of Erica's diligence to provide to the community. The purchase of this property came with a heavy responsibility to honor the family that lived there, and the part of history that it lived in. The restoration of this beautiful structure was solely provided by Miss Mason. It's not just a home brought back to life, it is an ever flowing abundance of jobs. Erica put to work local sub contractors, who are artists in their field. She has made countless contributions and gone into partnership with Independent Artists all over the world. The house is filled with the literal blood, sweat and tears of many incredible people. The contracts for this work provided the food on the table to many families. The exposure given to the artists is pure gold. The most beautiful part is that the jobs are never ending. There is endless stream of work to be done, and always wills be. McHorney's brings something to this county that has never been seen before. It opens a pathway that most would never have had the opportunity to wander down, had this incredible project never been brought to life. Every ounce of it, NON PROFIT. The only payoff for our beloved Miss Mason, is to your smiling faces, shake your hands, and know that you walk away with a lifetime memory. 

    There is nothing greater than to be believed in, and to get a taste of doing what you love. I know I speak for all that know her when I say, she is the lifeblood of this community. She is the beacon of hope, whimsy, artistry, and honor to history this county needs. We all can only hope to return the favor one day. 

We Rise By Lifting Others

-Robert Ingersoll​ 

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