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​     The beautifully restored Historical McHorney's Odditorium is far more than a curiousity shop. This historically accurate monument is a tribute to it's local people and history. Each creak in the old wooden floors tell a story of history long forgotten, and a modern community that has come together to bring art to life. The walls of this 224 year old structure are bursting at the seams with one of a kind artwork. A history lesson awaits in each room, with a touch of whimsy. Antique mahogany cabinets hold a collection of bizarre artifacts. But we are not just collectors of the strange. As previously mentioned, McHorney's is a tribute to Currituck County and surrounding communities. From the moment of purchase, this property was intended to bring together the community, honor and preserve all of our local history. Among the artwork, vintage antiques and personal collections that belonged to old McHorney himself can be found. The experience that awaits you is filled with mystical wonders, facts and history lessons, and a broad showing of people from all walks of life that came together to create this incredible NON-PROFIT organization. There is something for everyone here. Historical McHorney's Odditorium uses all proceeds and donations for the restoration and upkeep of the property. There are no agendas here, simply just love for the community, art, and it's inhabitants. But we're not finished yet, not only is this property a living historical reference, it is also a museum, music venue, and event site. So load up your friends and family, come visit and listen to great music, view an area from a time forgotten, and begin what will surely be one of your longest lasting lifetime memories! 

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